Top 10 Medical Technologies that will Shape The Future

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Top 10 Medical Technologies that will Shape The Future

In the digital world there are some influential technologies has been high potential to shape the future. These emerging technologies are essential for the business as well as human development in the future. The following are some emerging technologies that are most compelling which will definitely change our future:

1.Brain-Computer Interfaces:

Brain-computer interface is a kind of technology which provides a direct communication between the brain as well as the external device. With the help of this technology, it becomes possible for the disabled person to operate their wheelchair just by using their thoughts.

Medical Technologies

Therefore it is a very useful technology for the disabled person that allows the person to travel anywhere without any dependency on any person.

2.Human Microbiome Therapeutics:

Human microbiome therapeutics is another innovative technology which is undoubtedly an essential source of treatment for many critical diseases and with the help of this, the health of the patient can be improved.

3.RNA-Based Therapeutics:

RNA (Ribonucleic acid) plays a great role in the synthesis of protein as well as in the transmission of genetic information. RNA-based therapeutics will come up with some innovative type of drugs that can help in finding the new treatment for cancer as well as many kinds of infectious disease. This improved the health rates in the world.

4.Body-adapted Wearable Electronics:

This is a type of electronic device which can be worn on the body or it can be embedded on clothes of the user or user can also embed under the skin. It helps the user to tack the heart-beat, pulse rate, pressure, stress level, calories burnt, etc. and get the real-time information about the health of a person. It is useful to identify the down in the health so that the person can take appropriate action immediately.

5.Grid-scale electricity storage:

This will be another effective technology which will allow the user to save the extra energy from sun, wind and any form of fluctuating renewal sources within the electricity grid so that energy level of the person stay balanced.

6.Nanowire lithium-ion batteries:

This is a type of battery which will be mainly based on silicon. With the help of this technology, the battery life will be enhanced. Not only that, the battery can be charged more quickly. Apart from that, it is also possible to hold up the power of existing batteries up to three times.


It is a type of nerve stimulating therapies which the help of which various serious diseases will be treated and the use of high powerful drugs can be replaced with this type of therapy. It is a device with the help of which it becomes possible to treat ailments with electric impulses. It helps in delivering signals to the Vagus nerve with which the impulses are sent from the brain stem to the organ and from the organ to the brain steam.

8.Genomic Vaccines:

Generally dead or weakened pathogen is used in a vaccine to acclimate the immune system. But with the help of genomic vaccines, it becomes possible to inject DNA or RNA into the cells for producing the desired protein which will help the immune system to remove a selected pathogen.

It is a very effective technique which will help the physician to identify all those patients who are resistant to a particular disease. With the help of Genomic Vaccines, it becomes possible to gather accurate antibodies, sequencing the gene as well as reproducing the antibodies.

9. Green Vehicle technology:

Electrical cars are now getting popular and making headway to the market. But the problem with the electric car is that it has limited range. The best way to solve this problem is to use hydrogen fuel cells. By using hydrogen fuel cells you can have zero emissions and you can run the electric cars to an unlimited range. In this technology, the cell uses platinum which is a metal that has obstructed the technologies with widespread development.

10.Precision farming:

There is no denying the fact the population of the world increases day by day. Presently there are 7.5 billion people in the world and it is estimated that by 2050 the population will be increased to 9 billion. Thus, there will be a lot of mouths to feed in the near future.

Pricisio Farming

With this advanced farming technology, it will be possible to reduce the requirement of water and the use of chemicals. This technology that will involve robotic sensors, GPS, data analytics, etc. will certainly boost the corps yields which will help to meet the impressive demand.

Thus, with the help of these above mentioned emerging technologies, a lot of problems will be solved in the future and the life of human will be a lot easier.
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