Artificial Intelligence The future of Customer Experience

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Artificial Intelligence The future of Customer Experience

It is true that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around since last 60 years but people have now begun to reap its benefits. Now people have realized the various benefits that AI can provide and as such various companies have started to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for creating the personalized customer experience. With better customer experience, superior self-service as well as significant customer vision there is no doubt that the future of better customer experience relies on the AI.

AI has already put its foot in the door and it is going to kick the door wide open in the near future. Days are not too far when every company will leverage their brand with the help of AI. Many scholars have said that almost 30 percent of every activity will be automated in the last next two decades and 60 percent of occupations will be enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the near future which in turn will enhance the customer experience.

The impact of AI in enhancing the customer experience

With the emerging technologies, the future Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be hugely uncharted. In the near future due to the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there is no doubt that the customer experience will be enhanced in which customization will be the key factor. In the coming future, when the customer contacts the customer support services of any service provider company then they will not be required to wait or hold for a long time to talk to the agent of the call center.

This call center service will be taken care by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled software which will automate the call center service and the customer will get their answer easily without any requirement of holding their phone call for the call center personnel. This will certainly enhance the customer experience.

In the near future, the AI will also play a great role in Pathology, Radiology, Urology and many other departments. With the help of AI, Radiology department will be able to improve the diagnosis and the intelligent machine will definitely play an instrumental role in the healthcare industry and will assist the physician in performing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), X-ray, etc.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a type of diagnosis which is very essential for detecting a tumor, segmentation of tumors and detecting its volumes. MRI is a very essential diagnosis but the problem with MRI is that it is very costly and as such, it cannot be afforded by every patient as and due to this their treatment does not go in right direction resulting in the death of the patient. But with the implementation of AI, the cost of MRI and many similar diagnoses will go down and it will certainly help the patient as well as the physician in detecting the disease early and thereby can save the life of a huge number of people.

The future of Customer Experience

It was found on a research that the impact of Artificial Intelligence on automobile industry till 2015 was will just 8% but it is estimated that this number incredibly increase to 109% by 2025. One of the main obstacles that the whole automobile industry is facing in the world is road accidents. But will the implementation of AI in the near future the automobiles will be able to mitigate the chances of a road accident to a huge extent.

Blockchain and crypto currency have improved the secure and fast transactions over the digital medium and banking services are getting advantages of artificial intelligence. Through applications of artificial intelligence, it is easy to serve customer services by the banks. For instance, SIA has launched by SBI, which is a chat box to solve the queries of customers. It is said that it can solve 864 billion queries in a day.

AI will be able to automate the driving service and thereby will increase safety for the drivers and passengers. With the advent of AI in automobiles, it will become possible to track the activity of drivers and this will help the owner of the car to eliminate all kinds of heinous problem of drunk and drugged driver that is prevailing in the current days. The driverless car is already showing its impact on the road and is getting popular day by day.

Now it is found that many insurance companies have moved forward to promote the driverless vehicles so that the various human errors that cause accidents can be avoided. Not only that AI will come up with an infotainment system will facilitate the user to operate the vehicle with the help of commands even from remote locations. It will also be possible to detect the speed of the vehicle and it will also assist the driver to get valuable information on direction and traffic.

Thus, there is no denying the fact the AI is our near future and it will certainly enhance the customer experience.
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