Is MVP A Good Idea For Mobile App Development

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Is MVP A Good Idea For Mobile App Development

For those who are unaware of what MVP stands for, here is the disclosure, “Minimum Viable Product”. Whether it is a good idea for the app development is something we will figure out a little later. Not every company is heavily funded for their idea but the zeal of its establishment and success stands still.

For this, MVP would be the best option available, to begin with. Startups are the ones who would prefer the MVP model the most. “You can’t climb the mountain in a day”, it takes days, defines milestones, continuous effort and then you reach up there. App development is something similar. Coming up with a simple prototype at first and then building an app empire gradually would be highly advisable. There is more to MVP app development but let’s start with the benefits.

Benefits of MVP App Development

1) Swift Deployment

MVP means selecting only a limited set of features and launching it in the market. When you are targeting to launch a feature-filled app, the time for iPhone or Android app development would be high, the time for testing would be more, delaying the deployment. With MVP app development, this will not be the scenario as there is the minimum number of feature, developed and tested in a short span of time. The deployment of an MVP app would be really swift.

2) Cost Cutting

You cannot set aside the biggest benefit an MVP app offers. The time, efforts, and resources needed for developing such an app would be limited. This clearly means that the investment needed would also be very limited. Which is why it is one of the preferred models for the startups and SMEs (small business establishments).

3) Easy Maintenance

When you have limited things to manage, the maintenance will be easy and less troublesome. A bigger app will need heavy maintenance which would be an added cost from the development. An MVP model is not something that would ask for much at the initial stage.

4) Customizable

Well, just because you have launched an MVP doesn’t mean it has to stay that way always. There is always a scope of the addition of new and advanced features. The users who are already using a simple model would be astonished and the loyalty towards your app will be highly increased. Keeping the app updated at timely intervals will keep your users stuck like a magnet to the iron. Hence, an MVP model will have a lot of scope for customization.

5) Reduced Risk

The number of apps in the app is not less and it's not decreasing as well. It is on the increase and this gives room for higher competition. When you put your heart, soul, and heavy investment in the app and that app doesn’t work in the market, you cannot overcome that failure. Its advisable to launch an MVP app at first, check how it is receiving attention from the audience, whether it has a scope of survival. If everything goes great, you can take steps further and make more investment looking forward to the fruitful returns. In case of failure the risk is less and hence the loss is also limited.

While you are on the verge of developing a mobile application based on the MVP model, there is a certain feature you should not include even though you feel highly tempted about. Let’s jot those features down:

Features To Avoid in an MVP App

1) Astonishing Add-ons

These are those features which don’t serve any actual use but integrated just to serve the purpose of making it look visually appealing. You can take an example of social media integration. I am not saying it is a useless feature, not one that needs to be in the MVP model.

2) Copy Features

At times, the motivation of your app development can be your competitor. There is a trend of development of clone app and suppose you are in the music industry, you will want to develop a Spotify clone app. However, it is not recommended to ingrain every feature your competitor has at least in the MVP model you are developing.

3) Features Received Through Feedback

That is totally true user feedback shapes the next phase of the app. But, in anyways it is not recommended to follow every feedback of the users. Take their suggestions, insert your won research and analytic and then add some of them. Adding every suggestion right away might result in deteriorating the user experience to a certain extent

If you are still in a dilemma to continue with the idea of MVP app then here are the examples of successful apps who started their journey as MVP.

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