6 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Technology

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6 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Technology

Thinking is an art that helps to reflect, question, reason, and draw conclusions based on our experiences, knowledge, study, and insights. It’s what makes us human and has made us more civilized. Thinking encompasses of who we are and what we do, from observing, learning, remembering, judging and questioning to innovating, arguing, deciding, and acting.

All the new technologies, today that is existing on the Internet, are shaping the way we think. Creativity is not a thing that can be learned but yes can be increased by polishing your skills. Creativity is like a muscle it must be stretched challenged and occasionally pushed past its comfort zone.

Curiosity will lead you to creativity. I don't know how the human brain works but it's almost magical when you read enough or talk to enough experts when you have enough inputs new ideas start appearing.

Enhance Creativity with Technology

Here are some ways you can use technology to harness and boost creative thinking and expression in digital age include:


Technology has given us blogging which is a valuable way for the development of creative thinking and writing. Blog writing gives you a platform to openly give voice to ideas that fascinate you, encourages you to incorporate creativity in the work you share. The appreciation that you receive, the likes you get, the comments on your wall motivates you. They together add a new feel in you. A feel to do more and give your best. Some free blogging sites are Word Press, Blogger and Medium.com.

Online Art Exhibition

Today, nothing can be left hidden from the world. Everything is digitized. The internet provides with thousands of sites that allow you to display your work. The time is gone when you have to arrange exhibitions to showcase your paintings, your work. Get that paint, water hues and planning part and make some excellent craftsmanship.

With Adobe Photoshop you can give additional shades and modify hues as indicated by your taste and give a completing touch to the craftsmanship. At that point present it in an online workmanship show.

Engage Anonymously Online

Creating an account in disguise on online communities encourages natives to add content without any hesitation, to a certain extent. All usual obstacles, barriers are removed which automatically increases your creativity.

The shy creative person may abstain from sharing his ideas with a group of people, but that same individual may feel relaxed using an anonymous name online to share his thoughts, poems. YouTube, Twitter they all have a generous portion of anonymous users sharing their ideas for better or worse.

Play Educational Games

Child's education doesn't have to end after school hours. The games prepared for your smartphones and iPads will keep your young one’s mind active outside the classroom. It seems that today’s children have learned how to use smartphones from mother’s womb itself. They explore the world; what’s good and what’s bad much better than the child’s born in ’90s.

Studies show that children who play video games are highly creative. Now there are so many games that make the child strong, sharp and intelligent. Playing these educational games is a way means that technology can build the child’s physique. They will grow up as a strong, smart and intelligent human.

Music Composition

Do you love to sing? Do you have a problem in background music during singing? There are hundreds of app that provide you with music and you have to just sing, solving your problem of background music and you can practice or enjoy your singing. One of such app is “star maker”, that allows you to upload your talent and the entire world listens to it and rate your talent. It's providing a platform to all the shy artist and building their moral.

YouTube Uploads

Youtube is a great platform where you can start your own channels for uploading your video of cooking, singing, dancing, thrilling, teaching and what not. These days what student and what a grown-up, everyone’s first preference is youtube whenever a question arises in their mind. Youtube has become a world in itself. You want to décor your house, the answer is youtube, you wish to make tasty cuisine, the recipe is at youtube, you wish to complete your child’s project, the idea is at youtube.

Your life needs some balance to ensure your creativity doesn't suffer. A lack of ideas or being unable to solve the problem could be extremely frustrating. Now the real challenge is to stretch your creativity is what are have the best features of these terrible ideas. Perhaps looking at these good ideas will spark something creative that you can transfer over to your excellent ideas.

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