Changing Education Lifestyle of the upcoming Generation

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Changing Education Lifestyle of the upcoming Generation

The Traditional method of education fully depends upon the direct and full involvement of the individual teacher, strictly limited within the scenario of a classroom environment. One can see that traditional mode fully depended upon the teacher’s attitude towards learners and aptitude in the process of teaching. Still, new theories and ideas related to education do not fully support teacher oriented method of education because it totally discards the role of the learners in the process of teaching and learning.

To be specific, the traditional mode of education creates passive listeners in the classroom with less focus on the basic aim of education. Nowadays, teacher-oriented mode of education is partially out focused by interactive methods by making use of modern methods. Now, the individual teacher’s role in limited as a facilitator, not as the central figure within the teaching-learning process. Let us go through some changes-visible and expected-within the scenario of modern education.

As aforementioned, the teacher’s role is minimum within the modern classroom because those who formulate the curriculum and syllabus for the same knowledge that it is difficult for teachers to provide students with individual attention. To be specific, the ‘colossal’ role assigned to teachers create despotic and arrogant teachers and this cannot come in terms with a modern concept of education as students create knowledge on their own.

If not, learning will transform into a mechanical method limiting the liveliness of a classroom. Within this scenario, the only scope for students is to listen passively and take notes from the concerned teacher’s class. This cannot create any knowledge because new findings originate from discussions and group work.

Insofar, the next level of education is expected to be more student-oriented, disregarding the scope of classrooms. To be specific, modernity accepts education as a continuous process beyond the scope of classroom oriented teaching and learning. The next level of education is the utilization of digital technology in teaching and learning without giving priority to time and space. For instance, modern education can help students to learn without depending upon classroom lecturing. Students can join online classes and make use of the same to take notes. Then, students become able to gain access to what they expect from education.

In future years, a lengthy academic year will be divided according to the expectation of students. If a student is able to cover a series of lessons within a limited time period, there is no use to utilize the rest of the time in learning the same thing. If the student is ready to appear for the exam, he or she can appear for the same, pass, and continue to the next academic year or semester. In this way, brilliant students can save their time by making use of the same for other productive purposes.

Nowadays, the concept of a textbook in printed form is getting outdated rapidly because modern students depend upon, scanned pages, PDF files, and eBooks. This reduces the dependency on printed versions of textbooks. When a student gains access to the electronic version of a textbook, there are several related benefits. For instance, hundreds of books can be stored in digital format and this helps students to learn from anywhere, anytime. Besides, a single copy can be shared with a less economic burden. The only thing to do is to scan a textbook and keep it for future reference.

One can see that mere bookish knowledge will not help a student to excel in a modern context of education. This happens due to the fact that bookish knowledge cannot prove fully compatible with real-time situations in life. So, modern education is expected to provide more important to the creation of knowledge with the help of innovative and attractive curricular and extra-curricular activities. Still, this is not an easy task because each and every learner must be able to enjoy the benefits of modern methods, disregarding their IQ. To be specific, inculcation of modern methods within the scenario of education must be beneficial to all.

The best thing that can be expected from modern education is the utilization of the Digital Revolution. For instance, curriculum, syllabus, and timetable must be compatible with digitalization by making use of digital tools as the most important tool of instruction. Experts within the field of modern education can play the most important role in linking education with modern technology.

Besides, one among the aims of educational technology is to utilize the best elements of technology with education. Still, digital divide and less scope to gain access to modern technology hinder some students from enjoying the benefits of modern educational technology, especially the utilization of digitalization in learning. Summing up, modern education must equip learners to utilize the scope of modern methods within education because the ultimate aim of education to help students to create knowledge on their own by making use of different but interesting tools and medium.

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