What You Need To Know About Raising Twins

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What You Need To Know About Raising Twins

Twins are twice the fun as well as the hard work. As a mother to two adorable, cute, and loving children you should be doubly prepared for all the tasks that you need to do or undo twice. And that includes just about everything from feeding to wiping noses and bums to teaching the same chapter twice or simultaneously! Wheew... that’s quite a few “twice” but that is just the way the house becomes with the arrival of two babies. You have opened a nursery school where you are the headmistress, caregiver and mother all rolled into one. If your partner is a helpful, one kudos for choosing the right person. If not then you are the boss!

Managing twins makes you almost a supermom and practically able to handle any situation. It takes super-human capabilities, quick thinking, physical fitness, cool-headedness and deep-breathing to get through each and every day. So if you have just started the journey this blog complements what you do every day and you if you are not there yet pick up handy tips that can help you win this situation.

Do what you have to do

You cannot bring-up twins by the rule book or even the way single children are done. Innovation is the key to managing a home with twin children. Even when they have not learned to talk the twins have some form of communication between them. As they grow up the two join forces against you in quenching their thirst for knowledge (read: messing up the house and being inquisitive about everything). While dealing with one child you may get the opportunity of explaining the whys and the hows, but, with twins, you don’t have the luxury because you might be a nanosecond away from a major accident or injury to any of the kids.

Changing the house

Bringing up twins means the house undergoes a major change the moment these two can sit. All the lovely nursery decorations have to go away because the entire house is on the verge of becoming a huge playground. Walls will soon be painted with crayons, so you have to make them bare. Showpieces have to stowed away and if you are thinking about baby-proofing then there is no such thing. Anything within the reach of three-feet from the ground has to be either hung higher or stored away for a few years. TV is a must because you need some time-out to remain sane. The bedroom and dressing table has to be stripped to the bare minimum.

The home gym

If you are worried about the kilos you have put on then get ready for a serious workout and weightlifting regime. You will always have to pick one baby and sometimes both together if they are in a particularly cranky mood. Running after the two or chasing one kid with the other in tow will do for the cardio exercises. Also, you will have to pick up innumerable things from the floor while the kids are napping so you are working your back muscles as well.

Sticking to the schedule

While handling twins it is important to introduce a strict routine which means that the two must eat and sleep together else you will be working round the clock. Initially, it might be a little difficult to enforce but you will be successful. Wake up both the kids at the same time and feed them together. Take the help of your partner or the nurse. Even later on when they start going to school it will be helpful. Their napping time will serve as your break from the tough grind.

Take all possible help

Handling twins require help and you must take it whenever offered. Take along the grandmother or a friend while visiting the doctor. If you have friends coming over to meet the new members ask them to bring some refreshments along the way. If it is not people then apps can also be quite useful. Order the grocery online and save time and energy.

Let the kids cry

It is not physically possible to always attend to two crying toddlers simultaneously. You will feel sad and guilty for not being able to pick both of them together and comforting them but you are only one human being, remember that. It always happens that one child has to wait while you look after the other. Often the crying is simply attention-seeking. So sometimes it is good to let them cry.

Handle only as much as you can

You are not actually a superwoman, you have limitations also. So don’t take up too difficult assignments like taking two kids to the supermarket or the park even. You will have to keep an eye on both and yet complete the work. Sometimes it makes more sense just to shop alone or walk along the road because you need some time to yourself.

Motherhood is a long journey with different puzzles at every crossroad. With twins, the journey becomes slow and often frustrating. Preserve your sanity and enjoy life in spite of the tough schedule. Understand and admire the sweet relationship your bundles of joy share between each other. Their funny behaviour will make you laugh after a hard day’s work and you will feel proud of the daily small achievement of bringing up your twins.

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