World is a book and those who don't travel read only a page

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World is a book and those who don't travel read only a page

We are born at one place on earth. We start living and growing up there. We complete our educating and start looking for a job, or open a business - all there itself, in our hometown. Then we marry and settle down, get too busy for anything else. Then a day comes, and we die at the very place we were born at, never having the see beyond our surroundings, never having really moved out, in the true sense.

This is what our grandparents have done through their lives; this is exactly what most of our parents are also doing. Do you also want your life to be spent like that?

This world is very much like a huge book, with millions of pages. Each of these pages is extremely beautiful and one of a kind. God has created this book for us to read, to explore, and traverse through as many pages of it as we can in a lifetime.

It’s sad how most of us, most of the times end up struck in and struggling with the very opening page of the book. We are never able to explore and appreciate the beauty of this book and that of every single of its page. We trash the book that came to us as the nature’s or God's greatest gift to us. Saddest story, alas!

The greatness of the life that we live is certainly a measure of the experiences that we are able to gather in the lifetime. In fact, our life is made up only of experiences, good bad and ugly - just as you want them to be! Our experiences are our best teachers, they help determine the course of our lives and shape our character and mind it, traveling is a gold mine of experiences.

You won't get more diverse, challenging and nerve-wracking experiences anyway else in life, than by traveling and with so many experiences, come so many learning and takeaways. Starting from something as basic as securing yourself food and lodging in a foreign land, to understanding the language, culture, and lifestyle of the place, travel can teach you multiple lifespan of experiences in a single life.

Travel also helps shape you as an individual and can be the most liberating experience. It exposes you to diversities, opens up your mind to the possibilities, brings in clarity about life and its purpose, and makes you see beyond what is visible to the eyes.

No, I’m not being over-enthusiastically spiritual. Neither I’m asking you to go to the Himalayas and become a Yogi! But one thing that travel does best to you is that it brings you closer to reality. It helps you come out of the shell that you may have built around yourself, and the superficial world that may be living in. It makes you experience the adversities, the sufferings as well as the joys and richness of the world and humanity. To put it in a word, it cures your soul.

Traveling too, like everything else, comes up in multiple forms and facets. It can mean different things to different people, and it's all about what you seek out of it. But yes, the bottom line is that traveling has something for everyone. It will only leave you better off, and wanting for more!

Take this, for instance - Travelling for you can be about living an absolutely nomadic lifestyle. It can mean roaming from place to place, city to city, and country to country in pursuit of new and enriching experiences. You can be spending nights in jungles, under the moonlights, and having food with the locals and owning only your backpack.

Well, don't get scared! At the same time, you can be an occasional traveler as well who sees travel as a burst of fresh air every couple of months. While you can make travel your life, and even make a living out of it (wonderful, won't it be?!), you may also be a reserved traveler who only likes the mountains or the beaches or the forts. You can be someone who likes to travel solo, or maybe a person who believes in group expeditions. You can travel by air or by rail, or can even be a hitchhiker!

You see it? Travel brings you innumerable opportunities and experiences. Choose just that what suits you. But spending a lifetime escaping into the engagements of work and family, and rejecting the beautiful world that the God has created for us to see and experience, that should never be acceptable!

You can be any kind of a traveler you want to be, you can travel to whatever place you want too, but what is important is you must be a travel!

Travelling is life, are you alive?

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