Keep an Eye on Your Employees with Windows Spy Software

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Keep an Eye on Your Employees with Windows Spy Software

The employee monitoring software has been playing crucial role in medium and large scale businesses. The entrepreneurs across the world have been employing different tracking and monitoring tools to keep their workforces under surveillance. There was a time when human labor was used to supervise the activities of employees at workplace.

Today, the use of employee monitoring app has made it convenient to keep tabs on the activities performed within and beyond the work station. There are computer monitoring app that enable employers to track computer use of their workers to prevent them from getting involved in unproductive activities and wrongdoings. This article discusses how Windows spy software help businesses in keeping an eye on employees.

TheOneSpy Windows Spy Software

TheOneSpy is one of the most reliable and powerful employee monitoring software that is intended for employers to supervise the use of computers and mobile phone devices. Once you install the software on the company owned devices, you can track use of those devices without taking them into possession.

The computer spy software lets you know what activities have been performed on the monitored computer device. The online portal of the spy software lets you monitor data stored on that device and also lets you send commands to the targeted device. The windows spy software of TheOneSpy is compatible with desktop and laptop computers running Windows OS versions 7, 8 and 10

Core Features of Windows Spy Software

The computer surveillance software offers a wide range of features letting the employer to monitor and manage the targeted computer device. From screen capturing to website blocking, the software offers some of the most powerful spying features.

On-Demand Screenshots

The employee monitoring software lets you spy on the real-time activities of your workers. You can know what they are typing; what they are watching and what they are doing on their monitored computers. The on-demand screenshots of the Windows spy software let you capture their online and offline activities without taking their devices into custody.

With a single command, you can see and capture what is happening on the target machine. By logging into the online control panel, you can send command to the targeted computer system to take multiple screenshots with a certain interval. The spy software secretly captures screenshots and uploads to the online spy account from where the employer can review them.

Mighty Alarms

The Windows spy software notifies you about the most critical activities performed on the targeted device. You can set alarms to prevent the worker from performing certain action on the monitored device. The app notifies you if the forbidden action has been performed by the target.

Invisible Tracking Mode

The computer surveillance software works with complete secrecy without producing any noise or notification on the targeted computer device. You can monitor and control the targeted computer without alerting your workers. Also, it is hard to detect spy software on the monitored computer.

Track Email

The emails hold great importance for the businesses. The official email accounts of companies are used for internal and external communication. The computer monitoring software lets you track emails of your workers by getting access to all incoming and outgoing emails. You can read content of the email and know email addresses of negotiating parties.


The computer tracking software lets you access credentials of email and other online accounts operated on the targeted computer. The spy software records all keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the targeted desktop and laptop computer. These keystrokes also include keylogs of usernames, passwords and email addresses. These keylogs can be used by the employer to closely monitor activities performed on the targeted Windows computer.

Website Filtering

The Windows spy software lets you supervise and manage the internet use of workers. You can know which websites are frequently being visited by your employees and block their access to unwanted and unproductive websites. To block a website, you need to put URL of that website to the online control panel of the spy software. You can also block websites by putting unwanted keywords and key phrases. It will block access to all websites containing those keywords.

That is not all. TheOneSpy windows monitoring software offers numerous other features letting employers to monitor and manage the computer use of their workers. You can know more about the software by visiting official website of TheOneSpy.

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