Top 7 Tips to Stay Healthy In Your 40s

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Top 7 Tips to Stay Healthy In Your 40s

Forty is the new thirty! Yes! We have finally learnt the art of pushing everything almost a decade back, almost. Career, marriage, babies, and the list goes on except possibly health! The human body still clocks you as 40 years no matter how hard you try to prove otherwise.

Even if you do the activities you did when you were 20, it is unlikely that the body is going to support you in the same way. The thought is a depressing one but it also provides food for thought.

Way of living so that age related problems can be kept at bay?

Physical Fitness:

Some of the common problems you face in your 40s include postural problems, major diseases and mental ill-health. Staying fit during this time is extremely important. Mobility is something that you really need to take care of even before you reach 40s. Most people sit in the office for hours and do not even perform the most ordinary stretching. Yoga is a great way to stretch the muscles and get relief from back and joint pain. If you are uncomfortable with the slow pace of yoga try power yoga or even the gym but ensure that you have a good trainer. A daily 10 minute workout including squats, cat stretches, lunges and planks is a great way of ensuring mobility all through the day.

Balanced Diet:

There are multiple theories regarding what you should eat or not. Around your 40s the body’s metabolism slows down so try eating more of foods that are easily digestible. Fibre is a must-have during this time. Eat lesser calories but plenty of fluids. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and low-fat milk products are very important at this stage. Minerals, vitamins and antioxidants should be part of your daily meal at this time. Antioxidants make the immune system stronger so that you are more resilient to disease and illness.

Micronutrient Test:

The body needs micronutrients like Vitamin B12, potassium, magnesium, calcium, Omega 3 and more. A micronutrient test from time to time ensures that the body has sufficient amounts of each of the above mentioned ones. Vitamin B12, for instance, is responsible for tiredness, light sensitivity, vision problems and tingling sensations. In women if it is too less it can lead to cervical and breast cancer. You can also suffer from Alzheimer’s! Another important trace mineral that is necessary in human body is Selenium. It is linked to recurrent miscarriages, impaired immunity, hypothyroidism and low testosterone in case of men.

Gut Health:

While you are keeping an eye on what you are eating understand the importance of keeping your gut healthy. In the 40s the stomach is not as adaptable as it was. So refrain from consuming foods that tend to distress the stomach nowadays. Quitting food and beverages that you have a reaction to is a good idea. Chew the food more carefully and grind them thoroughly now. Eating should be a slower process always but with age it should be done with particular care. Don’t pop a pill every time you have indigestion.

Understand why it is happening and take care of the cause along with the effect. Avoid liquids both before and after eating. Also, don’t mix fruits with other food items. Some people can get a terrible reaction from it. Remember that the digestion capacity is getting slower so by eating a number of contrasting food items you will be disturbing your health. Inflammatory foods which cause swelling in the stomach should also be kept to the minimum. Consciously cut down on processed meats, additives, preservatives, dairy products, trans-fats and refined sugars.

Less caffeine and alcohol:

Anything consumed in moderation is not harmful for health. But with growing age of over consumption of caffeine and alcohol can spell trouble for you. The functioning capability of the liver reduces and it will have problems in cleaning the alcohol from your blood.

A Healthy Mind:

Mental and physical health is connected. You must be emotionally and mentally fit in order to allow the hormones and heart rate to function properly. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and provide energy for fresh challenges. Meeting friends and family drops as you age because of time constraints but that should not be encouraged. Humans are social beings and should not stay away from secluded. Social support is essential for sound health and offset the decline of cognitive abilities.

Set Goals:

You have been setting and following goals for as long as you can remember from school till office. In your 40s there is no reason to let go of that habit. Goals are good because they give you motivation and a sense of achievement. Just stick to ones that are commensurate with your age.

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