How rooftop solar panels beneficial for your lower electricity bills

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How rooftop solar panels beneficial for your lower electricity bills

Haryana government introducing a scheme on renewable energy in which solar power systems mandatory for all building, like schools, hospitals, offices etc. Rooftop panels are the innovation which can easiest the way to generate green power from their buildings.

Top solar panel manufacturer in Gurgaon see this initiative toward the growth of the solar industry. Haryana government mandatory the rooftop solar panels system for plot size of 500 square yards or more. Delhi solar energy industries and Delhiites getting their interest in to adopt solar energy for their buildings. Delhi government also give increment in subsidies, which bring more customer. MNRE offer 30% subsidy those consumer which used solar equipment’s on their homes, offices, buildings, and school.

Haryana Government also introducing a new scheme to generate awareness in the country about renewable energy initiative. Haryana government set a target of 4000 MW generation by 2021. Solar rooftop projects also generate around 1600 MW power. The customer gets a discount on their bills on per unit generation through solar panels. Haryana government solar project scheme mandated solar panel unit system for every building with 500 square yards or more plot area.

Gurgaon is developing in a very fast manner and the energy demand also increase every year. The rise in demand of load can’t be met by non-renewable energy sources in future that’s why Haryana government is seeing solar energy as the main source to complete energy demands of the consumer.

How rooftop solar panels beneficial for your lower electricity bills

Solar panels unit is installed in many building in Gurgaon which show that industry owners and the commercial building owner are seeing solar energy as an energy source for their buildings. Presently, 20 MW capacity solar panels unit is installed in Gurgaon. In present, not many people know the benefits of the solar energy system.

Solar energy initiative facing a big problem from past years that people don’t know about solar energy use and benefits for their power consumption cost. Resident customers have no idea about how to generate solar power for their homes through solar panels. Renewable energy expert says that Delhi rooftop plan is the best for malls, house, and industries to drop in their electricity bills.

Ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) is promoting Rooftop solar energy system. MNRE solar scheme under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission is getting a speed because many people get a subsidy on solar panel cost. Solar panel cost in Gurgaon is around Rs 30 to 50 per watt of power generation, the price basically depends on the buying quantity of yours. Higher watt capacity panels have higher efficiency as compared to low watt panels. The Indian solar companies’ panels are equally efficient as the imported panels, the market is the same for all companies.

How rooftop solar panels beneficial for your lower electricity bills

Gurgaon solar industry gives an ideal offer on solar panels cost in Gurgaon residential and industries project to move towards sustainability in power consumption. Solar energy is the clean form of energy, currently, all skyscrapers in Gurgaon met their electricity need with generator units which produce noise pollution, dangerous gases, and carbon dioxide.

So why rooftop solar panels are good for your buildings?

1. Rooftop solar is good to oppose climate change

We all see a change in climate and the main reason for this change is because of the high use of fossil fuel for energy generation. Solar energy doesn’t produce any harmful gases and it’s a clean form of energy.

2. Solar panels are good for “green economy”

Solar energy has a great contribution to the green economy. Green economy is defined as an economy that helps in to reduce environmental risks and generate electricity without damaging nature. Solar energy has a great contribution to the green economy.

3. The solar power source is more efficient than any other source

Sun is an unlimited source of solar energy and we still improving our technology to use all possible solar energy for electricity generation. Our renewable energy researcher really close to innovating a technology that is capable to capture all solar energy comes to earth surface and turn them into electricity. Solar energy is a clean and very efficient source of energy.

4. Installed is easy

As the name implies rooftop, Solar panels system is easily installed at your rooftops. You don’t need any extra space or property to install your solar panels system.

5. Solar panel unit requires less maintenance

You don’t need to visit your rooftop solar panels daily. With the help of the monitoring unit, you can easily check your solar unit conditions. Monitoring unit will give you the data of your usage and also help in to lower your energy charges and bills.

Solar energy is the economical and eco-friendly option for Gurgaon residential, offices, school and other buildings. Solar power is cheaper than grid power supply rates.

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