Things to remember for an Interview

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Things to remember for an Interview

Getting hired for a job is not an easy task. For an interview neither you don’t need to know about everything nor you need to know the most. You just have to be able to understand what the interviewer is looking for and connect to the needs and show them you are the solution for all their problems.

You’ve got an interview for your dream job coming up and you want to shine and there comes to some tips that will help you to crack your interview.

Research the company: take some time to study the website of the company. Learn about their partners and products.

Prepare answers to common interview questions:This will make you aware of the environment that you are going to face and build up your confident

Prepare a few success stories that you can refer to: A success story is a story from the past that reflects your achievements and one of your strengths.

Prepare questions to ask the interviewer: You always need to prepare some questions to ask the interviewer. Why? Because it shows you are knowledgeable and enthusiastic for the job. So gather as much knowledge as possible about the company and the position you are applying for.

Final tip is to “Tailor” your entire interview to the company/organization you are interviewing with: Most people go for an interview without knowing what the company is looking for. So you should know beforehand exactly what the position cause for. Once you have this information you can present yourself as the perfect candidate. As it is said that it's never about you, it's about them.

Have you been to a job interview recently??? Perfectly qualified for the job, answered all the questions well but still been rejected?? The answer could lie in your body language.

Interviewer pays only 7% to your answers or the actual words you say, 38% to your vocal elements but 55% to non- verbal like your facial expressions, gestures and postures.

Things to do while in an interview: Your body language speaks more than your words. Some general tips to follow are:

Adopt an engaged posture: People generally slage in chair or fold their arms and this shows like you are making yourself smaller and wrapping yourself up. The signal you give to your interviewer is that you are feeling nervous. Instead open up your body, lean forward from waist to show interviewer that you are interested.

Appear calm and relaxed: Playing with the button on the shirt or with the ring in the finger again shows your anxiety and nervousness. Interviewer can see less confidence in you.A good tip is to slow your breathing down which will make you less nervous.

Use right hand gestures: Keep your hand gestures steady and only use to emphasise a point.Palm upwards signifies you to be confident and trustworthy. Touching your heart signifies your words are genuine. Steepling is a sign of confidence and crossing your hands signs self comfort and anxiety so make sure you avoid these.

Mirror the interviewer: It is an effective technique. Mirroring hand movements and positive gestures wait for 10second to do it yourself. You can also mirror your speech, your vocablory, jargons , the rate and volume of the speech. So this provides the interviewer an ease to look forward to a conversation.

Make a correct eye contact: Looking into the eyes of the interviewer you are setting your trustworthyness , your confidence. Instead of starring at the interviewer alternate your gaze from left eye to right eye to mouth between every 3 secs just enough to see the colour of the interviewer’s eye. For panel interview just be sure that you look at everybody and focus on the speaker or the person asking you the question at that time.

Avoid lying signals : Avoid touching your face especially your nose your mouth your hair as these all shows your interviewer that you are dishonest to your answers.

Give perfect handshake: Handshake is an obvious one and so many people get it wrong. Its an unspoken word that initiates conversation in any social or professional get together. So initiate a handshake, match the interviewer’s grip, apply the 2 sec rule , smile and repeat your name.

By using these general tips you can achieve a lot in your next interview.

Now comes what to say at the end to close your interview. After they had asked all their questions and you are completed with your side of the work some people gets confused whether to ask about the job or not. The answer is no.Its a bad idea atleast for the first round of the interview. In the second or third round you need to understand whether they have an interest in you.

Some people feel to ask why the employer do not want to hire them. Believe me it’s a very bad idea, it’s a way too aggressive question. Remember they have just met you and are not ready to commit to you.

Thus a better way to end an interview is by asking the question like, When do you expect to make a hiring decision? This is an important question for you as this will let you know when you will get to hear them back again.

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