Look out for these 10 useful tips to apply to perform law firm SEO

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Look out for these 10 useful tips to apply to perform law firm SEO

The scope of marketing is dominating every business whether small or large. However, the law firms today are not left behind in this feat. These firms are adopting some great marketing strategies to generate leads through the online world.

There is no miracle behind the conversion of leads into customers. The ways in which these law firms are gaining leads are by executing SEO strategies that can bring their name above in this competitive industry.

Here are some of the tips that must be considered while performing SEO for law firms

1. Check if your website is mobile friendly:

such mobile-friendly element then it will probably affect your ranking in search results. Thus to shine, you first need to make your website mobile responsive.Take a mobile-friendly test to ensure if your website meets the requirement for mobile friendliness.

2. Check the Site load speed:

The major reason behind a better ranking of your website is an interactive and smooth sailing user experience. If not, then after making your website mobile friendly, it’s time you get it optimised and create a great user experience.

A great user experience can lead to more conversions. Your website is an anchor to your business sales. In today’s marketing landscape, a website is the most powerful tool to entice viewers. Your customers need to get accustomed to your website in a snap. Revise your website and give it a form that will please your customers. Check the loading speed with Google’s Page load speed.

3. Enlist your website in top legal directories online:

Not just for a law firm, but Google loves those websites that are listed in top business directories. It lends authenticity as a business takes time to get enlisted in the directory and seems to have a stronghold of its position for a while.

These directories send traffic to your site where Google looks at the referral traffic to determine rankings. Online directories are better optimized. Hence even if your website is not rich in keywords, being enlisted in these online legal directories presents a good chance of getting noticed. It even manages your online reputation.

4. Set up & get optimized on social media channels:

Get yourself enlisted in top social networking sites to gain a better reputation. Google favours the brands who want to get themselves known. If you have your website listed on the social media channels such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, it marks your brand to be a trustworthy one.

With your brand coming up in these social media channels, Google will check the referral traffic and henceforth determine the ranking on your website. Moreover, with a social share, your name will get more visibility and share among your potential customers, existing clients, friends and family.

5. Be aware of your competitors:

It’s very important to learn how your competitors are performing. This way you can target the right keywords, select the right group of audience and channelize your capital accordingly. Learn their SEO marketing strategies and prepare yours in an effective way. SEM Rush can give you deeper insights into your competitor’s operation.

6. Website Optimization:

To get a better ranking, you need to get hold of popular keywords. Type your keywords in your search and find the top 10 results. Set up an “On-page SEO” factors that Google wants you to have on your website. Set a better title tag, description tag and keyword density around your content.

7. Make your contact information easily accessible

Your website is of no use if your visitors are not able to contact you after visiting. Place your telephone number at a prominent position. Keep it displayed on the top of the website. Along with that, you might also put up your mail id and direction. A Contact page is equally essential for initiating direct communication with customers.

8. Get a video embedded on your website

A video is the most attractive phenomenon that attracts the visitor in abundance. It is found that having a video on the website, 80% of the visitors spend more time on web pages. The amount of spend on the website makes it a ranking factor in the Google and thus shows up your website in Search Engine.

9. Add testimonials to your website

Testimonials are the trust factors on every website. They are the feedbacks and reviews that the user gives over a product. Having them on the website, it determines the ranking factor and where your website should be placed in the search engine.

10. Check if other websites link to yours:

If you want to know about the link density on your website, then make use of Ahref. Since Google prefers a site with more links directed to them, the ranking will be in your favour if you are being linked by other websites.

An effective and well-planned SEO strategy can grow your online presence in to a stronger one. Find what your counterparts are doing to get hold of better ranking in search engines and pave a better business for yourself.

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