5 Basic Steps to become a YouTube Partner

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5 Basic Steps to become a YouTube Partner

YouTube is the first largest video hosting provider in the world. YouTube, after being the second largest search engine in the world and being owned by Google, everybody in the world wants to be the partner it. However, the YouTube partner program is presently available in 20 counties. Almost 1 billion people visit YouTube every day and as such there cannot be any better web hosting than YouTube. So, everyone who wants to earn money seems it as the great opportunity.

Becoming a partner with the YouTube is neither a big task nor requires a huge investment. The concept behind the idea of becoming the partner of YouTube is just creating some amazing videos. Then publish the videos of YouTube channel and once you publish the videos you have to follow all necessary strategies that will build an audience for your video. That means you need to increase YouTube subscribers free.

Signing Up for YouTube:

The first and foremost thing that you need to become a partner of YouTube is signing up for YouTube. You need to attain at least 18 years of age otherwise you will not be allowed to get a family account through the payment system.

After that, you have to agree on the terms and condition of YouTube partner program terms by clicking on the ‘I Accept’ button.

Then select the monetizing option by clicking on ‘Monetize My Video’ button. Once you click on that button, you have to wait for the approval of YouTube.

Generally, most of the people get the approval within a second. Once your proposal for partnership is accepted by YouTube you will be given ‘Partner verified’ status on your YouTube account.

Creating a Google AdSense account:

Once you become a partner you will start earning money by creating an AdSense account through the YouTube account.

For getting paid through YouTube partner you must have an AdSense account. AdSense account is only allowed to those who have attained 18 years of age.

You have to provide an email address to the AdSense account which you have used to link to your YouTube account and provide your full name, address and bank details. Also, read and follow Adsense Program Policies. If any violation found in your account then Google will not allow your Adsense account.

When Google verified all information then AdSense account will be created.

Login to AdSense account:

Once your AdSense account is created, you can log in to AdSense account and start earning the revenue. You can use your AdSense account to keep track of your earning. You should able to see all your revenue statement in your AdSense account.

Using the added feature:

You should access some additional features such as live streaming, in-video programming as well as custom thumbnails facility. These are very important features of YouTube hosting as these features increase the chances to get YouTube subscribers free.

One essential way to increase YouTube subscribers free is to play around with all these added features by using at least one new feature a week in the video. You can also add a new segment to get real YouTube subscribers.

For example, if you add a live streaming feature for one week then you can go for in-video programming in the next week. This is how you can play with these added features and which will help you to provide new content to your viewers.

Selecting different types of advertisement:

You should use various types of advertisement or videos as the same type of videos will make your audience dull and unappealing. It is very important that your video becomes very interesting and appealing.

That is the reason why it is required to choose from a variety of different advertising types of video. It is required to do a little bit of experiment while picking different types of advertising for your videos.

While sometimes a video with full bold visuals and words on the screen can work best for you, in some other situation you can also go for the banner ad as it also has a great chance of distracting the attention of the viewers.

Apart from that, another excellent way is to go for the paid subscription. If you go for a paid subscription there is a huge chance to get real YouTube subscribers.

YouTube Partner Program Eligibility and Thresholds

Once you have applied for the partner program, it checks for the Eligibility. To become partner of the YouTube your channel must have 4,000 watch hours within a year and 1000 subscribers. YouTube monetize your channel and if you cross the threshold of 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hours then you will automatic become YouTube partner.

If in the first year you couldn’t meet the threshold then it will automatically check for next year and whenever you will meet threshold it will approve your request for being a partner.

To become a partner one more essential term in eligibility criteria is your channel must have videos which are created by your own, it should not include any copied content.

Being YouTube Partner you will get 55% of total revenue earned by YouTube by displaying ads on your Channel.

How to know your account is approved for YouTube Partnership

If your channel is approved as a YouTube Partner then your revenue will automatically start. If your channel doesn’t comply with any of terms mentioned in Partnership Policy then your account will not be approved and your revenue will not start.

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