Artificial intelligence A threat to humanity

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Artificial intelligence A threat to humanity

It is a science of making machines intelligent. It is the technology of the future. It is going to revolutionize how we live. Think of body, what really makes us special is our brain and AI is what makes machine special. It can optimize human brain and lead everything to success. There was a time when we thought that the game like chess can never be concurred by machines but soon the world realized that AI can defeat our thought.

Artificial intelligence is the fundamental ingredient needed to give sense to the vast amount of data collected these days, and increase its value for business. The easiest way to implement it is to apply it to the API services of cloud operators such as  Amazon, Google, Microsoft and IBM. The risk in using standard solutions is that they reduce the competitive advantage of the enterprises that use them, since they can be easily implemented by competitors.

The main question with creation of AI has left us is that is AI threat to human Intelligence (HI). Is AI a worst thing for humanity? Do we view our future in hands of AI?

Even Stephen Hawking told the BBC that: “The development of full artificial intelligence, could spell the end of the human race.” He himself warned us about the dangers of artificial intelligence. His was not the only voice giving warning of the dangers of AI ahead - Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak also expressed their concerns.

Is AI Simplifying the life

Today we are getting driverless cars, we are in a scenario where we can play games as human do, we can find thieves, robbers, terrorists using AI technique. Nowadays, people are connected socially, they decide who their friend should be, whose posts they want to see, what notifications to see, this all is possible just because of AI.

AI is helping us in a wide variety of spheres by adding value. Its just the start I wonder what all it can do in coming years.

AI to make humans redundant

When steam engine came into existence it was seen that it can do more work than a work done manually and thus person became jobless. So there’s a fear than with growth in technology, with advancements in AI the manpower will be at risk. With more networks of machines and technology the human job network will suffer. Every manual labor job will be redundant; most thinking jobs will be redundant after all world has got AI to have better lifestyle

Artificial intelligence: A threat to humanity

But positive perspective can be viewed as AI will make people sophisticated, it will help people in several job categories or in whatever field they do. When calculators came people didn’t became jobless if they cannot do calculations mentally. Everything takes its time to adjust and make space for itself.

AI to replace human Brain

Techs say that AI will not become human brain but yes it can supercede the human intelligence in many scenarios. A machine has package of entities, it have hardware’s, memory and some compute power. But we cannot forget that machines perform work in a limited environment. Its human who are creative and can work in all conditions.

There’s one more interesting question: Is AI defeating God’s creation

Earlier humans used to move heavy weight but then humans made machines to do that work and today humans used their brain to make machines think like humans does. Though AI cannot take place as brains in human but yes it’s definitely giving new directions to growth. AI just language processing; vision, emotions, common-sense are too hard to be achieved by machines ever.

We need to understand that AI is not about recreating the human brain; it is about building a system that acts like a human brain. At the length, AI means analytical, problem solving and autonomous automation based on data, knowledge and experience.

So, we can imagine a world where AI and HI i.e. human intelligence would be together. In short, the rise of powerful AI will be either the best, or the worst thing that would ever happen to humanity. We do not yet know which it would be.

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