5 Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

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5 Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

Nobody can deny the fact that Technology has remarkably changed the way we live today. We use different technologies for our day-to-day activities. Our lives are totally revolutionized by technologies that are developed in the past couple of years. Though technology changes with time, we do observe the trends in which it changes. Recent year, had bought so many fresh innovative technological ideas and creations and upcoming years are expected to continue this trend.

Some of the up-and-coming trends of artificial intelligence has already started in 2018 and I expect some of them will be picking up speed in 2019.

Large scale machine learning

The first trend is large scale machine learning. We have enough computing powers to support the complicated computational algorithms however as more data and more data are used to build and train the machines we are running into a problem. Now we are training a machine using all our data.

We feed all the data in and it will train the machine when as theta becomes more and more it would be more difficult to train the machines so there will be different newer ways to train machine with last data may be just a subset of the data and in the future we will probably will change the technology and algorithm we can do a single pass on large volume of data.

Robotic Workforce

The second trend of AI in 2019 is real application of robotic workforce. We have seen robots in factory and in 2019 I expect we will start to see real sophisticated AI robots in a workforce. I'm not talking about the dumb AI robot security, I expect it will be a second or third generation kind of robot that we can work in real time, in retail, in security, in services.

Computational Social Choice

The third AI trend in 2019 is computational social choice. You know we have digital marketing, digital marketing company are trying to understand the customer behavior using data and then they will provide suggestions recommendations. in 2019 it will be taking up to the next notch.

It will be including they're purposely showing you something to manipulate you to have interest, to show interest or maybe into buying something so instead of trying to understand you and present something to you as per your liking they will try to manipulate you and try to get you to like something, to share something and it will be very personalized and you won't even know that you are being compelled to do some social behavior I would be cautious about this development because at some point it will cost manipulation or if it is misused.

Voice Assistant

The forth trend in 2019 will be the continuation of voice assistant right now we have Amazon echoes. Amazon addicts which companies are working with Amazon to program a lot of different skills into Amazon so they can order you ,it will be becoming more and more popular not only in the houses but also in the business.

When you use that in customer services I think it will become a trend and it will become normal to talk to a machine or talk to a voice assistant and the capabilities of this voice assistant I can expect them to be a lot more maybe you can do a lot more complicated stuff, maybe you can ask them to do some research more sophisticated research for you or maybe they can give you advice right. For example if you want to go to Kant something for your girlfriend they may be able to give you a whole plan instead of just picking a restaurant for you or picking a date scheduling making an appointment so this is another trend I see will be continuing in 2019.

Medical Diagnosis

AI the fifth trend would be using AI for more medical diagnosis. There are different kind of medical diagnosis. It includes talking to a patient through a voice assistant or through a survey to understand or to determine what type of disease or if you are well or not right it could use machine learning to learn or to use random tree algorithm or decision trees to create a program more sophisticated expert system to work with the patients without human intervention.

The determinant disease or do a screen of the patients the other application of AI in medical diagnosis will be AI medical image diagnosis so an AI can use convolutional neural network to build a predictive model or a deep neural network to understand to diagnose images x-ray CT scans and point out issues that the doctor will usually take minutes to get to diagnosis. I don't think he is going to replace the daughter's the specialist but I think it will be a good peer to this to the specialist medical specialists to diagnosis accurately.

Stay tuned to upcoming blogs on technological trends in 2019:IOT, Big data.

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