Tips to enhance your IGTV Videos

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Tips to enhance your IGTV Videos

Vertical video with IGTV has arrived and everybody's talking about it but I want to give you guy’s five pro tips that I think that will help you take your IGTV videos to the next level. There are a lot of things that you can do with IGTV that a lot of people just in my opinion just aren't talking about and I think it's just because it's so new. Everyone is talking about how to shoot with it but there are some things you can do with in IG TV to really set yourself apart and we're going through them right now.

Swipe Up
So the very first one is the fact that everyone now has the ability to use swipe up within their Instagram stories. If you are using an Instagram story, you can now use swipe up and actually send people to your IG TV video. This is something that has been around swipe up it's not new but you always could swipe up and take people to an external link within Instagram's browser but at the end of the day, you had to have 10,000 subscribers or 10,000 followers. In order to be able to have that feature now, anyone can swipe up and send you to an IG TV video.

Clickable URL Links
Number two is actually in your description for your IG TV videos. You can have clickable URL links and that is why going back to the first one, this is so big see you've never been able to have clickable URLs almost anywhere whether you were in your posts, you could put one literally one in your description on your Instagram bio and then you have the swipe up option but that was pretty much the only way to get people to an external link but now with your I GT videos you can actually put a clickable URL right in the description.

This is going to be big especially if you want to try to gauge what people are going within your content so for example they watch your story they swipe up from your story that takes them to your IG TV video, they watch your video in your video you reference click that description and click on the link in the description and then that sends them to your website and you don't even have to have 10,000 subscribers to make this happen. This is something that I think is really interesting, super awesome that Instagram is actually rolled out and I'm really interested to see how people actually use this new ability.

Number three so the third tip is how to actually upload high-quality videos directly through Instagram using your computer. It's a lot better if you actually upload your videos directly through a computer because you can actually then export your videos at a higher resolution, higher bitrate and then you don't have to worry about trying to upload that via your phone which tends to have a lot more issues.

Fourth tip is actually one that I think is going to set you up for a really good future with IGTV and that is hashtags. In your descriptions, hashtags currently are not searchable via IG TV in fact if you go to a certain hashtag you won't see any IG TV videos associated with it but I don't think this is going to be the case for long because if you actually put a hashtag in your IG TV description you can click on that hashtag and it'll take you to the hashtag page. This means that eventually, hashtags will be something that is searchable via IG TV videos.

Currently IG TV right now looks like has all been catering to creators. It's all about making the process as easy for creators to create and upload and get it out to their existing audience as they possibly can make that process super simple but soon if I G TV wants to be successful they're going to have to basically flip that and make it easy for the consumers to search and find new creators and that is where I think hashtags are going to be vital.

Good Quality IGTV Video
The fifth and final tip when it comes to IG TV videos and that is do it like a pro what I mean by that is embrace vertical video but don't just make one long use the same type of techniques that you would use to make a high-quality video for YouTube with IG TV because quality will stand out. So using proper lighting, good cameras, good lenses, great audio, being able to have excellent edits play around with that vertical plane knowing that yes it is a vertical video.

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