The Top 5 IoT Trends of 2019

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The Top 5 IoT Trends of 2019

It's a fascinating concept when we talk about IOT and it's even more interesting and fascinating when you see the applications. Let's dive in into this and see how is that going to help us. Consumer and businesses both anticipating the next big revolution of our innovation in IOT by looking at what's going to be next.

We're going to get to the point where there will be an IP address for every single part of your body the doctor will hack into your body and they don't have to go through the process of you see them you've you know you know they will check an IP address or your lung and IP address of your heart and then they would they can tell if there's something wrong about it and then in if something necessarily then you will see the doctor. The doctor will prescribe something to you on the pharmacy and then a drone will bring it to your home and when and the pills that you are taking are smart pills where when you take them and dissolve in your stomach they will send a message to the doctor in confirming that you took the medication or any kind of a format of that medication. This is just an example.

The other one is isn't the personal level and we're going to have. We're going to have a smart forks for example the forks that when you eat they will tell you what are the calories? Are they good for you or not?

There are some trends that I see will dominate the growth in IOT and those trends are covering a big territory.


I'm going to break it into parts the main components of 5G include, one is what we're talking about as far as massive IOT. The second one is really enhanced mobile broadband. Two standards that have just come out in the last year and a half year are one's called narrowband IOT. These are licensed technologies that are being deployed all over the world.

They're key things you need to think about: the first is really longer battery life, so our phones work maybe through the day but you know these IOT devices need long battery life. The second is actually a smaller footprint. Wearable’s has only gotten so small as with new technologies you're seeing about 1/6 of the size of the actual chip.


It is a confusing topic for many individuals especially for enterprises who are starting to make decisions about what does blockchain mean to their business and what does blockchain mean to IOT. When you start to think about IOT and blockchain, there's some real opportunities that come with it but also challenges.

The Top 5 IoT Trends of 2019

On the opportunity side blockchain with IOT definitely means data aggregation, increased security as the data is transported but then it also means one version of the truth and so this information and data that's traveling through the blockchain is going to be able to be authenticated throughout but then on a challenges side when you start to think about blockchain and it processing transactions across thousands or tens of thousands of devices the latency plays a big role so when you start to think about blockchain and IOT you have to think about latency because the processing of the transactions is rather compute intensive. You need to really consider what that processing power is required and whether you need to go to batch processing or whether you need to take a different approach in terms of moving the data through the blockchain.


The next area that we're talking about is we always say: a picture's worth a thousand words. I would say a camera is worth a thousand sensors or maybe a hundred sensors. Video cameras are connected to the Internet. They essentially are an endpoint on the network. So they're not only an IOT device but they're also capturing incredible context of what's happening around them so these digital cameras are the endpoint but also that that contextual capturing of data.

The Top 5 IoT Trends of 2019

It's a good example of edge compute because you not only need to worry about the processing that's happening on the actual edge device which is the camera but which data is actually brought back to the central data center and servers there. So it got huge implications to the network and making sure that there's a good Network in place to be able to transmit that data. We expect that by 2021 that there's going to be more than 204 million IP cameras. When you start to think about how many of these cameras are going to be out in the wild over the next several years it's got huge implications to not only networks but to how we're going to manage the IOT data.


The platform i.e. the user interface. User experience analytical tools, whatever platform you are using. For this kind of AI dealing with a massive data streaming from all project and securing the way and also the scalability issue. You need that platform which we're going to follow. Platform is the standard for everything. Connectivity from sensors to the infrastructure to the gateways to the cloud. All of this is the first obstacle.

The Top 5 IoT Trends of 2019

Second one is connectivity this phase includes all part of the consumer day and night routine wearable smart cards and smart houses and the big picture is smart cities. From the business perspective is the industrial IOT and which standard we're going to follow for the industrial Internet of Things when we talk about machine-to-machine communications that will dominate that kind of field.


Last is that we are really in need of skilled people in all the three areas : the IOT, the AI and the blockchain. Universities cannot until now give us enough graduate who has scaled with this kind of background. Companies are taking this in their hands so what they do, they train their own engineers up to that level. We're talking about big data and AI skills and well most of the IT providers have like you know highlighted the shortage.

Just to summarize everything we talked about it is that we can say 2019 as a year for IOT. It is the year we're going to see some of the trends that gearing together for a tech world success.

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